Kate Middleton: The next British style icon?

Kate Middleton set to become Princess Catherine, her sense of style is increasing under the microscope.

While every outfit she wears is heavily scrutinised by the British press, the British fashion industry are hoping she will help promote its clothes all over the world.

British fashion chain Reiss has recognized the power of Kate Middleton last November.

The Reiss dress which she wore during her official engagement photo shoot with Prince William sparked a sale frenzy as the dress had to be put back on sale due to high demand, with several runs completely selling out.

UK fashion industry experts are hopeful Middleton will continue her support of British labels.

Reiss brand director Andy Rogers said: "I'd like her to carry on. We have great British designers and I'd like her to carry on supporting British fashion, be it on the high street or at the higher end. That will be cool and the more she mixes it, the better."

Other British labels, such as Burberry, have seen similar effects when Kate Middleton worn their creations.

The verdict from Britain's shopping streets also seems generally positive on her style while acres of magazine space is already devoted to Kate Middleton and her sense of style.

But not all fashionistas are completely convinced at the moment.

Fashion blogger Kristin Knox said Middleton is still working out to find her own style.

"Any girl her age is still distilling their own personal sense of style, trying out things, seeing what works, what doesn't, she's just got that extra challenge of keeping it within the royal family. I do think she'll get there and we're gonna have fun watching her."

Whether Kate Middleton will be a style icon is still up for debate but she will be aware that her fashion choices will have an impact on what is sold across the country.

But what is clear is that Princess Catherine has the potential to become a hugely important ambassador worldwide for British fashion.



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