The Abu Dhabi General Prosecution for Public Funds has ordered the detention of two Europeans and other individuals on charges of embezzlement and fraud.


 A year ago, the suspects are alleged to have started a fake project selling properties in the United Kingdom at competitive prices. They allegedly targeted UAE investors. Investigations have since revealed that the company does not have a real estate licence and that the accused defrauded 40 investors. The General Prosecution seized around Dh3 million the suspects allegedly swindled from their victims, in addition to Dh100,000 found while inspecting the fake company. Another Dh250,000 in the firm's account was also confiscated. Article continues below The central bank has been asked to give a report on all the transactions carried out by the company. The means of information technology used by the defendants for the management of their operations have been identified by authorities, with Interpol being asked to arrest the other defendants in the case. An official in the Attorney-General's office urged investors in the UAE to be on their guard and to ensure the companies they deal with are authorised to carry out real estate activities in the country.


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